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Eagle family promoting Dino’s upcoming song, Dance With Me

EAGLE FAMILY IS THE FKN CUTEST!!! I think that’s why you can’t help but fall in love with every single one of them

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cr. Bii毕书尽台湾BF团 - 소미创

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TRACK: Miss Incredible
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Anonymous: I feel mostly sorry for their parents (可怜天下父母心...) plus the news are spreading worldwide due to Jaycee's dad popularity so this makes things even bigger :/

Yeah exactly! The first thing that came to mind when I read that Jaycee might be involved was Jackie Chan. Because of Jackie’s popularity, it’s been reported everywhere. It was reported in my news as well, and I live in Australia. That’s why in my tags to that response is I can do a whole new level of ramble when I bring in the parents.  

Cause JC is so strict on Jaycee. Plus his reputation and how he’s an anti-drug ambassador. I feel so bad for him. Especially JC’s weibo post just then. 真的是可憐天下父母心~ His mum must be so heart broken cause she was apparently at the scene when his son got cuffed and taken away. And then Kaiko’s parents are a whole different story and I don’t even want to get started on that. 

August 20 2014, 09:35 PM

Anonymous: What are your views about the Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko news? I was curious about it

This is a very sensitive topic. I actually have lots to say about it, but because it’s such a debatable topic, I didn’t end up talking about it here. But happy to talk about it since you asked :)

Well I think it’s blown up way too big. I’m born and raised in Australia, weed is also illegal here, but it’s such a common drug that people I know have access to. The penalties for weed here is really really minor compared to what I’m hearing from China. 

Although I think it isn’t a big deal, I’m not saying go out there and do drugs. It still is wrong. Jaycee and Kaiko both very stupid for turning to drugs, regardless if it’s for the kick or for stress relief. They are in the public eye, they are so many young people’s role model, so it’s not something an idol should do even though, to be honest, I’m not even surprised. I just think Asia is overreacting about it. It’s not the first time we’ve heard news about celebrities and drug use. 

I’m more shocked that China is having that anti-drug contract thing that requires any one in the entertainment industry banned from drugs or something (I never fully read about that though) and that ridiculous law Jaycee is getting put up for for "hosting others to take drugs at his house". I feel like this a scare tactic to scare the public from not doing drugs. Like I heard that a fair few China celebrities have been taken to jail previously for drug use. So it’s like using the entertainment industry to show the public if they can’t get away with it, you won’t either. 

I’m very skeptical of everything I’ve read about. Like how did they know? Did Jaycee get the finger pointed to in order for them to get arrested? And I also hear other people are involved in the case, but Jaycee and Kaiko are the only ones with their names across every news headline. There’s also been a news clip that has been released with Kaiko crying his eyes out saying he is sorry for everything. Jaycee at his home showing all the hidden drugs and saying “this is marijuana”. A lot of rumours saying that Jaycee has been taking weed for 8 years and Kaiko only two years ago and it was Jaycee that gave it to him. Won’t you think that if you were in that situation, you wouldn’t rat yourself out? I just feel like they’re stuck in this deep dark hole and how corrupt it is. 

Yeah, I still don’t know how to feel about it. Disappointed, yes. But instead of more focus on hating on the boys, I feel like the whole situation I feel is dark mess and lots are hidden away. I’m more judgemental on the China government than the two boys. Which is a lot different to the public from what I see. Cause I’m not the haters saying the two deserve to die because they did drugs; nor am I a fan saying I’ll support you, wait for you to come back so jiayou. I’m just kind of watching from afar with my whitewashed mentality thinking everything is really messed up 

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Music Review for Magic Power’s 戰神

I always look forward to MP cause they have their own special style that no one else can do. For someone who isn’t really a fan of electronic music, I am surprised at how much I love their music. The way they interchange from something electronic to some autotune, to something that’s very vocal based and back to some beats. Also the contrast between Ting Ting and Gaga’s vocals are really awesome!!! 

Plus they released 偷偷的 at their concert beforehand and I’ve been dying to get hold of that song since I heard it back then. And 戰神 was super awesome!!!! And the sneak preview of all the songs made me really interested in the album. I’m glad they know how to use the internet to their advantage!! 

I was lying in bed and looped the album a good 3-4 times this morning before I decided to crawl out of bed. I should maybe do it more often, I feel like I appreciate the music a lot more when I don’t have anything to fiddle with and simply just listen to what they have to present. 

Really happy with the album. They kept that unique MP style, but at the same time, it’s not like the style has trapped them. Their music is still very refreshing and it’s like they are taking steps forward. 

彩虹黑洞 is the opening theme to You Light Up My Star. It’s one of those songs that I’m not that interested to when I heard it, but after listening to the lyrics, I will fall hard for. It gives me a little bit of A Chord vibes with the rap at the start, which I really liked. 

Favourite songs: Miss Incredible, 偷偷的, 彩虹黑洞, 戰神, 我還是愛著你


1. 戰神
2. 吼
3. 空中飛人
4. 彩虹黑洞
6. 偷偷的
7. 我們的主場
8. Rock Zombie
9. 維納斯
10. Miss Incredible
11. 天堂之後