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Gui Gui or Puff? hehehehheheh and then maybe their counterparts Taec or Heechul

If I hadn’t known Gui Gui for so long, this would’ve been hard. But I’ve adored Gui Gui since the 黑澀會 days, so I can easily say I still really like her. And since this is in the sense of WGMG, I really liked the amount of effort she put in trying to be closer to Taec who was kinda like a brick =.= And she’s so playful, not saying Puff isn’t cause Puff is super cute too! But I’ll mentally fit with Gui Gui more hahaha. Mental age of a child :P

I don’t see myself dating any of the two, but if I was to choose between the two, before watching WGMG, I would’ve said Taec since he is such an eye candy and I really liked him in Dream High. And truthfully, I don’t know why I didn’t like Heechul that much in SJ, I think it is because he looked kinda 娘 in the group. But after watching the two eps of WGMG, I really like him!! He is cute and sweet!! Even though he is kinda 大男人, but still better than Taec the brick HAHHAHA

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Aaron Yan or Danson Tang?

Now that I’ve ranted my heart out about the drama I just watched. I can calmly answer these again. 

Um… I choose Danson XD

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Ruse of Engagement 叛逃


Need to rant this out before my insides explode from cursing. I had such high hopes for this drama and it turned out pretty shit in my books. It had it’s up and downs in intervals. Episode 1-5 got me excited about the ATF department, 5-15 got kinda annoying cause Carson was way too cocky for my liking and my Ron basically was not in existence. 15-21 picked up and got really interesting for it to start going downhill again after that.

For someone who is Ron bias. THIS DRAMA WAS SHIT!! Ron’s character had no meaning to it! WHY DID HE EVEN EXIST?! There was actually no need, like remove his character and nothing would’ve changed. I think that’s why I’m so annoyed with the drama. 

Spoilers ahead. 

The twist between Carson, 阿婷 and Jessica was interesting. Although I really didn’t ship Carson and Jessica at all. I really wanted him and 阿婷 to get together after she died. But no, they make him sulk by himself on a bench and… did he kill himself??! WHAT SHIT ENDING WAS THAT?! Cause if he killed himself, he is a motherfkn selfish asshole like Jessica was. What about your poor mother? You broke her heart once, are you breaking it again!?! Don’t be a selfish bitch like Jessica; as if you have the heart to kill yourself in front of two men who loved you so much and wanted to protect you in their own ways. 

I swear the crazy genes ran in Jessica’s family cause both are looney as hell. And I really wanted to know what happened to other people. WHAT HAPPENED TO 負能量?! Seriously, save him, say he is super weak and the medicines aren’t working for him, and then never mention him again?! I wanted to know if they saved him in the end. I wanted to see Carson go to the U.S and see 阿婷!! She did so much for you!!! LIKE OMG, THIS DRAMA LEFT ME SO FRUSTRATED!!! WHY!?!?! 

Puff guo or Tia li?

I’m actually like all the Dream Girls members!!! Um… When I first saw the three, I liked Tia the most because I thought she was really pretty, then fell in love with Puff later through all her drama performances and she’s super cute!!! I think I’ll opt for Puff though, cause seeing her in WGMG with Heechul is like the cutest ever and she’s so pretty and cute <3

Although truthfully, my Dream Girls bias is Emily cause her voice! And she’s like 大姐姐, and I think more love since she’s so underrated. But in dating terms, since this is a dating question, I would still pick Puff, since I think she’ll be the easiest to communicate with in that term. Emily will be too motherly/sisterly, and Tia I would feel kinda intimidated by her

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Yoga Lin or Peter Ho?

None? I don’t really know between them, and honestly not really a fan of either. I like Yoga’s music, but I don’t really like his personality. I only had good vibes about him after the GMA with Gem… But then all the recent shit that’s going around, I know it might not be true, but if it is, damn he is an asshole. But then again, I’m just very Gem bias. Peter Ho, everyone says he is super good looking, but I don’t see it. But he is super sweet from BTS I’ve seen in dramas, so I would choose Peter. 

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andrew tan or bii?



I actually don’t know. I’ve never been able to pick since I fell in love with the two. Both sound amazing, both are eye candy! I’ve been a little more Andrew bias since I saw him perform last year, but recently Bii on BFB has been eating up all my love. But my Twin says Bii is hers hahahaha. 

Right now, like today, I choose Bii. Cause his performances on BFB, his dorky comments, him saying he isn’t cute than pouts! LIKE SERIOUSLY?! YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER!!! I currently can’t resist THIS:


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LOL HI ANON!!! I assume you’re mainly referring to the Bii/Andrew ones. I ramble on my tags A LOT!! I’m surprised anyone ever reads them, but then I laugh when people say they do :P

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Give me two idols (male or female) and I’ll tell you which I’d rather date.

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Father and son fighting over chicken &lt;3

Father and son fighting over chicken <3

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